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He Is Bringing Us Full Circle — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing this word. It is a challenge and confirmation of what the Holy Spirit has been showing me personally about my prayer life and intimacy with Him.

    I asked how did I get here?  It was a slow subtle erosion by demands of others and busyness.

  2. This pricked my soul- it took me to a conversation I had with someone 2 days ago- it serves as a confirmation of what was said to me on that day. Thank you dear sister for posting this if nothing more than just for me. May God’s bless you as you seek him with your whole heart.

  3. Due to false doctrine about what a “spirit” is and therefore also what the “baptize”is is causing many to hunt “experiences”

    The spirit in human is the same as her thoughts and mind.1King22:20-21 describes that the spirit came forth,was formed, through their “thinking”.
    The Holy Spirit is the same as God’s thoughts.

    THE spirit(s) in man is established in the mind as a result of her thoughts. THE Holy Spirit in human is established ONLY by obedience to God’s voice and continually submission to His leading.

    Therefore, when you are commanded to “baptize” them in the Father son and Holy Spirit” it means you shall only speak (immerse them with) what you hear the Father say(His thoughts). That is why Jesus say this “baptizing” the immersing the hearerin the Father’s teaching/Spirit is how you make disciples Matth. 28:19-20
    Which is also an example in
    Acts 2:2-4,when they hear the Father’s voice through the disciples because
    “Heavens” in hebrew refers to the wordsord shama and mayim, the People/seed who hear and obey God!

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