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  1. Dear sister, I give a promise here today: I never ever will tell about the diabolic gang stalking terror I experienced over at least 7 years, finally according Ephesians 5:11. But let me share a very last episode of tjeir latest little mean attacks during the Holy Week, that the lords of money, the kent d’argents, the evil strategists in “high places” have done. EVERY DAY AND NIGHT they try to kill me and others slowly. “Die slowly” was placed on my screen, and pictures of a heavy scratched car, also they sent ads for sewing machines. Of course I had not done any search for it. They know the day I have laundry day in the house, and Wednesday I noticed holes cut in a brandnew towel. That day the ads popped up. They threw hairbond in front of the door inside the house, and a bundle of red- brown hair was placed on my car seat. All during the past 2 weeks. It is a program of crippling people, of killing health, killing hope and joy, killing job, killing reputation, killing life. The sadists act in perverse lust and through witchcraft.  They place huge camera pictures to my screens with words that they can see from many miles into homes. They watch through hidden spy tools in the pc screen, for they mock me immediately after a bath or shower with pictures of naked belly or body, comments how to get rid of fat, and when my knees ache, they place in ugly arthrotic bloody knee photos. A targeted individual NEVER gets rest, no way to escape on this planet. BUT GOD WILL RESCUE ME !
    My beloved sister, I thank you thousandfold for all your love and care. I thank you ALL at HKP for your prayers and comforts ! One last wish, for each one who reads this: Please, pray for me and my family today, it is urgent, please pray just now.
    On this Resurrection Monday I say Farewell. I will never commit suicide. I say Farewell in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST.

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