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He is Shifting, Turning, and Overturning Things — 4 Comments

  1. Ohhhh, my Heavenly Father, how true. For you know all things. Our suffering, our pain, our shame… you understand it all… Thank you so much that you know us and all the hardship we go through. Thank you so much mighty woman of God for speaking anointed timely words of hope into our lives. God Bless.

  2. Thank You Lord and Thank You Pastor June! Your Encouraging Words are ALWAYS so TIMELY As Usual, once Again- and I So Receive these NOW words and I receive the Prophet’s Reward! Glory Be to GOD! BE IT UNTO ME Father with Great MANIFESTATION NOW!!!

  3. I want to thank you, too. You will be crowned for your boldness of this message. Please read Jeremiah 30:16-20
    and 2 Samuel 22. What a blessing we have, we can share HIS HOLY WORD among each other over thousands of miles around the globe. I am leaving for today at exactly 22:22 pm :) Sending LOVE and BLESSINGS

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