He is still God – in the fire


You are on the brink of breakthrough.  It is nigh at the door.  There is life after this……

Wonder how the three Hebrew boys felt when they saw them flames all around them?  Wonder if they thought, “Where is God?”  I’ll bet the multitudes outside that furnace watching the scene thought that too.  “Where is their God?”   Especially when the flames got seven times hotter, maybe they wondered if this was their end?

“He is still God – in the fire”

I wonder how Daniel of old felt when he was thrown in the lions den and he had prayed earnestly but, there he was, facing the fierce lions square in the face.  I wonder what thoughts went through the brother’s mind?  Is this my end?  Will God do as he said, will he show up?

Consider Peter the night before he was to face his execution in the prison cell.  Can you imagine the thoughts trying to go through his mind?  Jezebel threatened the life of Elijah, but let me tell you this, the dogs ate her alive.

God sent the angel to Peter’s rescue, and the angel to Daniel’s, but, friends, He himself showed up the fire with the three Hebrew boys, and manifested His Glory by His own right hand for the multitude to see who he really was!

He is still God in the fire, and He has sent me to tell you that you are on the brink of your breakthrough.  He will not fail you.

Stand, just stand, and see the salvation of your God!  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever more, He changes not!

Cast down all imaginations and every high thing that would exalt itself against the knowledge of the word of God.  Bring those thoughts in captivity today, tell the devil he is a liar!  Begin to praise God for your victory.  It is nigh unto the at the door!  Somebody better shout Glory!  There is life after this.

I feel the resurrection power of the Almighty God.  Somebody is coming out… O…U…T…out in Jesus’ name.

John 10:3 declares it to be so….

“To him the doorkeeper opens, and the sheep hear his voice; and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out,”   John 10:3..


~ Kimberly Fuller

Kimberly FullerKimberly Fuller




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  1. Thank you,thank you,thank you,much needed word it confirm what messages given Sunday at church and read it today.I know God hasn’t forgot about me in the wilderness.