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He Makes His Ministers Flames Of Fire — 21 Comments

  1. His ministers a flame of fire. This is the purpose of God for the hour. Every minister of Gospel must stretch him/herself in order to enter into this reality. It doesn’t come by mere words of mouth.

  2. This prophetic word is manifesting NOW. Get ready for the fire to arise! Watch the chaff burn then be ready for the flood of Living Water to bring cleansing and healing!!

    • wow, I just found this. I am sitting here spending time with the Lord…asking Him what is on His heart tonight. Digging in to His word and I land on Hebrews 1:7. He has been consistently speaking about the winds and a whirlwind coming and so this immediately grabbed my attention. Decided to dig in to some word studies and somehow landed on this word. This word is absolutely for this time that we are in right now!! Amazing….He is so good!

  3. I was reading in Hebrew and when I got to verse 1:7 I needed more information.  This summary was so powerful to me I was so blessed to have received clarity. What a word during and for the times we are experiencing. I pray that you are blessed beyond measure.

  4. I know this was written years ago, but I feel this is such a now word as well. Thank you for sharing! It’s a confirmation of what the Lord has spoken to me.

  5. I was at a home church. Worshipping and seen a vison of Jesus sitting on is Thorne. He was the Lion If Judah. Had crown Specter He had why of demanding respect!!!

  6. God spoke to me while i was praying that he has made me flames of fire so i researched where this is located in the scripture and here i found it. Thank you for this message. It just reveal what God told me

  7. Yes, Amen…amazing God gave me a dream this year, in this dream names were being called we were in a church building the church pretty much was filled with people but there were only a few names that were called the man that was calling the names after he was done he said, “The Army is ready restoration.” There is some more to this dream but I just wrote what pertain to the body of Christ as a whole, the other part of the dream was about me personally it was connected to the body but I believe it was more something God was showing me about how he was going to be using me, my roll in this Army.

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