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  1. Dear Sister in Christ, I have really appreciated the “words” that the Lord has given to you to share. They bless me very much, though I’m a little confused with a portion of today’s word. The statement “pain and loss is not from Me” doesn’t ring true in my heart. There are many OT and NT passages that state the opposite. Maybe I’m not understanding the “context” of the statement? Please explain if you have time.

    In Jesus’ Love,


    • Hi Doug I agree. The part where it said “pain and loss is not from me” is off, simply its just not true, as hard as it may be to accept I know that God does bring pain and loss. It was the will of the Lord to crush Jesus and put him to grief (Isaiah 53:10). Also the part where it says “I love you always, you are always in my heart and thoughts ” sounds like something a person would say.

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