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He Will Clothe You With Courage and Valor — 2 Comments

  1. Between tasks at 4 different places today, sometimes 5 (cities and villages) I take some time to answer and to give an update on the topic VICTORY. The Holy Scripture at the beginning of your message is written on a small card in my kitchen pinboard. It is Isaiah 41:10. Yesterday I had to come to the boss, and I read that verse and prayed hard before that date. Some reproaches from a co-worker were so bad, so mean, that I had to cry, and normally I do not sit in fromt of others easily letting tears flow. Finally, after I could boldly tell my point of view, he said: “I trust you. Listen: I trust YOU.” Then I told him that all these struggles and fights through jealous controlling gossiping coworkers are definitely too much, and I would like to quit the job immediately, and it wouldn’t matter how much loss now would follow. He said he deletes the protocol, and I should not quit. I told him, I have only one hope and joy, that JESUS CHRIST brings righteousness and His return may come very quickly. He stared at me and said, yes, He will return, but he desires that we work together until that day. This was WOW, for he is gay, homosexual, almost married to a man. In exactly 1 year working for that private homecare organization, he did not grant me the amount of free days or vacation days according the law, and not the better salary that others have and so on. He promised, in everything there will before the end of the year an upgrade for me ! This is very biblical… THE LORD has promised it in many Holy Scriptures. I am not prideful or too proud. I can confess, I was underpayed, though I am educated, trained and experienced in work and age. Sister, your article is timely in every word and advice. It takes courage to open the mouth or to write. Without speaking or writing, nothing on this planet would have worked. Without those men and women who told and wrote history and made the Holy Scriptures possible and accessible, we were stones. But one day even the stones will cry out. Says THE LORD.

    • Ms. Karola,

      Your testimony brought tears to my eyes this morning. Thank you for sharing your words with us this morning to encourage. Gabriele

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