Heady, High-minded


When I look back down the road, and I realize just what kind of attitude some of us had, I feel shame, and I feel sad.

As I’ve said, I’m old enough to remember, when most of us were not like that.  Being high-minded, is a sign of the last days.  I feel sure, that a lot of what was spoken about this, was about the world in which we live in today.  It cannot be denied.  But at the same time, I also know it was also talking about us; those who say they are the church.  It was in a writing to one of the churches too.

Over the years, we were quite proud that we, the gentiles, were grafted in, to this tree we claim to be a part of.  We were so glad, that through Jesus Christ, we obtained the same inheritance as other children of God.  Paul heard some things and saw some things, that he felt led by the Spirit to write about in his letters to them.  It was a warning.  The apostles warned the church about a lot of things; somehow, some of those things seemed to have been completely ignored by church, as we knew it.  Stepped over.

It came to me recently, about what Christ said of the Comforter that was to come.  He called Him the Spirit of Truth.  So many of us were taught that we had the Truth.

Something, caused me to ask, how, does the Spirit of Truth act?  Just how does Truth act?

We talk about the fruit of the Spirit.  Since it is obvious by scripture, that they are one and the same, then how were those with the real Truth, presenting themselves to others then, and also even now.

What is the definition of “high-minded”?  It’s having or showing great pride in oneself and disdain, contempt, or scorn for others.”  Can I tell you, that I did not know I acted that way?  I was trying to emulate others and follow the things I had been told.

I see it here, even now on this medium [Facebook].  The way some are yet coming across, is not the Spirit; it’s only fleshly man, and woman.  Truth, manifests the fruit of the Spirit; the same attitude that wisdom from above has.  High-mindedness, hurts people, and it is still out of order.

No one ever taught me and mine, that God would cut us off; even though the apostle wrote it very plainly.  He wrote, that we were not to be high-minded, but to fear.  People who do not have the proper fear of the Lord, always seem to become arrogant.  It’s only by His Grace, that we even have a chance.  And people are still jumping over the fact that the apostles wrote, don’t be boasting about who you are or how much you know; especially how holy you are.

We are not helping people; we are actually driving them further away.

This message, is really for those who were driven away, by just exactly what the Spirit through the writer was talking about here.  In part, many who claim so much, can no longer hear what the Spirit is trying to say to us.  They are so sure they’re right, that God has decided to let them be as they are. Jesus Christ, is once more walking the highways and byways, seeking those who are lost.

If anyone can relate to this post, you must know, that He is asking for our help.  The truth is, there’s more out here, than there is in there.  I don’t dare be high-minded.  That is my Truth today.

“The Shepherd went out, to search for His sheep, and all through the night, on the rocky steep.  He searched til He found them . . . . “   see Luke 15:1-7.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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  1. A while ago I became scared that I in some way was not right standing with the Lord, that I did not had ‘the fear of the Lord’ so I asked Him to give me fear for Him.
    The weeks went on and nothing ‘happened’, but one day I begun to feel a deep feeling of that the worst that ever could happen to me was to not one day hear:

    “Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord (Matth.25:21)

    The lack of the ‘fear of the Lord’ causes much damage in the Body of Christ.

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