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  1. My 72 year old mum was in ICU for 10 days, HDU 3 days, general ward 4 days before she was finally discharged. She was diagnosed with COPD, HEART AND LIVER problems.
    As a family we saw Gods hand in her recovery. We trust God for her complete healing and restoration in due course. Thank you Jesus.

  2. A number of years ago I was injured in a fall, and God kept me from a horrible death. I can only say it was like Daniel in the lions’ den.

    I was able eventually to call for help, tho the persin helping did not initially realize how badly I was injured.

    As I was being helped, one of the helpers started rubbing my back in a circular motion, then told someone else to take over doing it—and corrected them: no, not like that— like this.  they then did it the same.  when we all got inside, I was sitting with closed eyes, and opened them to see the person who i thought was the one rubbing my back was on the other side of the room. i said if you are there, who is rubbing my back?  the reply: ‘no one’
    I fully believe that an angel showed another angel how to rub my back and that kept me, i believe, from going into shock before I got to the hospital.

  3. There are many great books on Divine Healing:
    F.F. Bosworth – Christ the Healer
    There are many healing ministries – Tony Myers with books and lectures and training
    – Healing the Sick by T.L. Osborn
    – Jesus the Healer by E.W. Kenyon
    – Smith Wigglesworth, many books
    – Curry Blake, John G. Lake JGLM Teaching Minisry
    – John Proodian, Accelerated Healing
    God bless. John M

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