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Hear The LORD Calling Your Name! — 3 Comments

  1. This is beautiful and so uplifting that as you read the tears are welling up in your eyes. Dear God, you truly are our life and the air we breathe. Thank you for knowing and understanding us in all areas of life and never giving up on us. We love you Abba Father. Thank you anointed woman of God for the wonderful words of encouragement. Shalom to you.

  2. Glory HALLELUJAH! Thank You Lord that I AM FREE in CHRIST! My Time under GOD is NOW! I receive Beauty for Ashes & Dounle For MY TROUBLE!❣️

  3. This is the first time to this web site. but coming across your entery I clame it for my life this day. thank you for the words spoken in the name of our Lord Jesus

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