Hearing His Voice!


And He walks with me, and He talks with me.

I can’t help but remember, how that God came down and walked and talked with Adam and Eve in the Garden.

What a special time that must have been.  I know about those times today; do you?

Jesus said, “My sheep, know my voice.”  I say in the humblest way I know how today, I would not be here, if I had not heard Him speak these past few years.

There was a time, when we were not alarmed and we did not feel contempt, when someone said that God spoke to them.

I wonder what kind of relationship we could have with Him, if He did not speak to us.  Especially in this hour.

We once spoke of visions, dreams and the manifestation of the Spirit in our lives.

Just how deep are we in the LORD now?

Surely we must have grown and matured to a greater spiritual walk than we ever had before?

Surely, the Holy Ghost has taught us?

I was impressed some minutes ago, that this message is so vital in the hour we now live in.

Yes, there are many voices, and none of them are without significance…..

It can be hard to hear when there is so much noise going on, unless you are truly seeking to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost and you are listening for His voice to begin with!

As Jesus called out to us in the last Book, “He that hath an ear, let Him hear.”

All those who have their ear attuned to Him, will know that voice.

But the LORD had already stated this in the Gospels.  He was very strong about this.

He wanted us to pay close attention to what He was saying, and in the fear of the LORD, I am aware that He still feels this way.

In the same awesome respect, I have watched over the years when the Holy Ghost would work around certain things and certain people.

In order that He might do the work He wanted done in that hour and in that moment, He reached through the unbelieving maze of men’s control issues.  I feel in the Spirit, He is about to cease that.

Can we be confused at times?  Yes!  We are not perfect and we are prone to human error.

There are times when we are not sure we’re hearing His voice.  Sickness, tribulation and the cares of this life, can infiltrate our defenses; especially if we are suffering something awful.

But here is the difference.  If one is genuinely seeking to follow the Spirit, that same Spirit will step in quickly and clear away the mist; that vague cloud.

Those living in the Spirit, do not stay unsure for long.  When you are aware of your dedication to that, you will be renewed.

Many voices we hear in this time are not of God.  They have nothing to do with the Holy Spirit at all.

We need to clear away the rubbish that surrounds our own Spirit-given state of discernment.

God never intended for us to be left unsure or unable to know, what is of Him, and what is not.  That’s not His way.

There’s a lot of flesh talking today; not only in the world, but in what is called ‘the Church’.

We often hear, “God spoke to me and said…..”  Well did He?  And do we know the difference?  Often times, it was God speaking to that person.

He walks with me, and He talks with me.  I am not afraid to say that.

In such times of sickness, trials and great loss, how would I have made it, if I was unable to hear Him?

In these very perilous days we live in, I must hear His directions and what He would have me do.

It is our Spirit-given right, to hear this Voice; the authentic and most powerful of all.

We veered from those who said they heard “in an audible voice.”  We need to listen to the Spirit voice within ourselves, and we also need to listen to those gifted by the Spirit in giving utterances.

We will know the difference; that’s a fact.  Because, His Word says so.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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