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  1. Halleluja glory to God alone forever thanking him thank you ABBA my father thank you Jesus Lover of my soul thank you holy spirit my BESTEST BESTEST closed friend thank you loving me so much oh how I love you back with all my ❤ all my soul all my mind and all my power and love myself and my neighbor as myself.i am so happy Lord you are inside me the greater one then the adversary in the world and you appear now and destroy the works of the devil please flow freely now. Hear Israel hear Germany hear world the Lord our God is our only God yes +Amen thank you brother Ron please let brotherly love continue I very much appreciate your great loving assistance. Blessings

  2. Ron as well You know we are BOTH in the BLOOD OF THE LAMB.
    ♥♥♥HE’S IN CONTROL♥♥♥..!
    Hope this message gets to You & Wife.
    Moderators of this site forbidden us to type Capital Spelled words.
    SHALOM for this SABBATH with Your WORDS MSGE. AMÉN..!

    [ HKP Admin will not allow you to post here using “ALL CAPITALS”, as you know well.  Please kindly be truthful in what you write. ]

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