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  1. Continued prayers are going out for family..His Spirit comfort, heal, & restore. May the love & prayers of others be felt,& His Jesus name.Amen.

  2. Dear Deborah You have been such a beautiful light on so many days for me. I know that the Lord has blessed you with the perfect peace that passes understanding. May He continue to bless you. My sincere condolences to you and your family.

  3. Absent from the body, present with the Lord! May the Holy Spirit be your & your loved ones Comforter during this sad time! Know that this too shall pass! I had 2 miscarriages and know my darling babies are with Jesus & my heart yearns for the day when I’ll be reunited with them in heaven! With love, from South Africa

  4. So very sorry for loss of your granddaughter but at least you have the wonderful knowledge that she is with God and that one day you and your family will be reunited with her.  Take care and God bless you all.

  5. Last week I wrote this Word: “The Spirit of the Lord speaks peace. Peace to you & yours. I Am the Prince of Peace! The world going its own way all astray,but I hear My children pray.I never turn My ear away. I hear the cries. Some I’ve welcomed home before their time of My plan divine.I welcome Home all of Mine just the same.I promise all will be saved who call on My name. I Am Prince of Peace. My father says the Spirit of the Lord is a God of love & mercy. So come home all who will. He is the Father of Mercy & God of all comfort. I say by the Spirit I hear the prayers, & I promise to pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons & daughters. On your children & children’s children up to My coming. Maranatha! My love cries out I Am coming with a shout! Maranatha! Lord is coming! Says the Spirit! Amen let revival begin I Am coming again! Says the Spirit of the Lord your comfort & friend. Amen & Amen!”

  6. I am sending you my thoughts of heartfelt grief and compassion, but also sharing the heavenly joy with you, dear precious mom and grandmom Deborah. You are a very chosen woman of GOD and an outstanding example of faith, wisdom, LOVE and understanding.

  7. May the comfort & peace of the LORD fill your entire family, especially the mom & dad of this precious baby. There is nothing to add to your God-filled words except to release the LOVE of Christ into this situation to bring healing where it is needed; mute the voice of the evil one who would bring despair & release the sound of angels voices that surround this precious one even now. Mourning lasts only a night, then joy comes in the morning. Like HE did for Job, may HE restore double where there has been loss. Blessing & Courage in Jesus’ name.

  8. Deborah, I’m so very sorry for you and your family on loss of your precious great grandbaby.  I pray that the Heavenly Father wraps His arms tightly around you all and that the comfort of the Holy Spirit will be so tangible in your lives. God bless you.  Diane

  9. God is so good, the taste of heaven He gave you in your dream prepared you for your loss and this day. Thank you for sharing, may you and all your family find comfort and peace today and all the days ahead.

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