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Hell Could See Heaven, but Heaven Could Not See Hell! — 13 Comments

  1. Revelation 20v14:- And death and HELL were cast into the lake of fire.
    If HELL is cast into the lake of fire then it cannot BE the lake of fire.
    There must surely be some other explanation.

  2. Years ago I’d heard a testimony of a person who the Lord took to visit Heaven, I prayed and asked the Lord if I could be taken to visit Heaven, when I went to bed that night I woke up in hell, the Lord was standing by my right side in a small dusty dirty house, we could see a woman who entered and walked over to a glass table, on it was her inheritance, gold and jewels, she picked them up and put them in her purse and as soon as she did someone else’s appeared, she looked around to see if anyone was watching and I could see she was conspiring to steal it, I began to scream at the top of my lungs at her to “not do it, it’s a trick,” but she couldn’t hear me, as soon as she grabbed it she was sucked through the glass, the Lord led me to the table and I looked into the top and could see the woman with countless others in complete and utter torment looking up at me through the glass begging and pleading for help, but there was nothing I could do…hell is real.
    I woke up in a panic, but when I went back to sleep I woke up in Heaven, I saw my daughter I’d lost some years back, she said to me, “Mom, someone is here to see you,” and she pointed across the street, I knew it was Jesus and I ran to Him and woke up. Heaven is also real :)
    I’m listening to a man right now who has one of the most powerful life changing hell and heaven testimonies I’ve ever heard. It’s titled:
    A Vision Of Hell And Heaven; April 22, 2018

  3. God bless you, Sister Veronika West! I will be sincerely praying for all of the lost, those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, who do not have a personal relationship with him. I will be praying for all souls, that the faithful remains faithful in Jesus Christ, that those who are lukewarm will fully open their heart, desiring, willing to be consumed in the Holy Fire, through the Holy Spirit, praying that God’s prodigal sons and daughters rededicate their lives, in full submittance unto Jesus, spirit, soul, mind and body.

    Hell and the lake of fire is a subject in which many, I truly understand, do not desire to speak on, due to the the reality, the truth and existence of these places, those who will be sent there and a never ending punishment. I believe these are places that should be spoken about often as an uncomfortable, but inspiring reminder to keep the feet of those who are Saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, with a heart of compassion, having the heart of Jesus Christ in speaking/preaching on how to avoid, with sincere ⚠️ warnings not to live a life in sin that will send a soul to these places of torment.

    This post has definitely grabbed my attention and heart, to speak on it more often, because this will be for eternity, not 100 years, but forever. Thank you, for sharing Sister Veronika West!️❤️

  4. I have heard people that had gone to hell and saw the same thing, there own personal sins were also fully exposed for others to see.  This particular lady had been a witch and don’t remember the exact details but she repented and wa s given the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Somehow she lived and told what she saw and testified of the power we have of the blood of Jesus.  It was a testimony that really impacts you to share the gospel wherever I go or the Lord leads me.

  5. Amen
    May the Lord awaken these ( my kids my family) who are in the world & have walked away from Yeshua
    Father awaken those who have nobody to pray for them
    Thank you Father for your goodness in the name of Yeshua

  6. Thank You Veronika.  Appreciate you sharing with us God’s prophecies & dreams.  Lord bless & protect you. My sister just sent this to me.  Your prophecies &……really help us (my sisters & I) as we interceed weekly for America, Nations, Donald Trump & more. Thank You so much.  I started listening & following you a couple of years ago when you put out there to pray for American, the President and UK… I felt something overwhelming in my Spirit that I had to listen to you (it made me cry at the time). I felt that is was an urgent request from Heaven thru you. My sister agreed. God Bless & protect u & ur family

  7. This reminds of when Jesus told the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. Lazarus dying and going to Abraham’s bosom and the rich guy going to hell and being able to see heaven. Luke 16:22-23. This I know would be a horrific view point and I’m asking God to have mercy on me and I repent all of my sins. In the name of Jesus almighty.

  8. People need to pray this prayer and to repent.  The serious warning here is also to those who have previously prayed his prayer but who are not walking in obedience.  May God have mercy and lead us all to repentance!

  9. Your powerful dream strikes home, as I found myself praying a similar prayer on Tuesday night, begging for forgiveness from Almighty God and Jesus in a hospital room with my husband.  I BELIEVE with all of my heart that a spirit entered that room, and wrapped us both in protective arms, bringing peace and safety to us.  Lord God is a warm and wonderful father, who hears us.  Praying for those who have yet to experience his goodness.

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