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Hell is Coming Against You! — 2 Comments

  1. God is speaking to me directly through you.
    Apt to my present situation and circumstances.
    Iam a secret beleiver from India. All my family members are against Christ. Remember me in your prayers.

  2. Thank you thank you!! I just said to my sister in Christ the other day that I get around people I know they need TRUTH but I can’t speak!! Ive been praying for boldness and asking God to reignite His Fire in me to say all He has called me to say for His Kingdom and His Name but now I see through what you’ve shared that it’s not boldness I need bc I already have it! Thank You Lord Jesus for showing me and I’m sure many others who read this who’ve experienced similar things, what is really going on and to stand up dressed in our armor from You Lord God and be victorious to bring You Glory Jesus!!  Thank you again for sharing this and Gods blessings and protection to you & yours

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