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  1. Deborah, here is an interesting thing. The other day the sofa which I ordered last week was shipped to my house. In the early of May, God inspired me to change our sofa, which my husband and I had used for over 17 years. God made me think about the spiritual meanings of the sunken, worn part of my husband’s seat deeply. Then I realized that I need to throw it out finally in terms of a prophetic action. In fact, the seat my husband used to sit on was full of negative and painful memories, which symbolized his shame. I felt God wanted me to change his past mistakes and sins into new, beautiful things God is preparing for. In spite of the burden of the cost, I decided to buy a new one. The color of the sofa is called “Sunrise sand beige,” ultimately the color of the Sun. 
    And that day, I praised God and prayed with my husband on the new sofa. God showed me a rectangular, door-sized open door of the third heaven in the spirit, and little by little, I felt the door was starting to change into light shining all over the world. I felt more comfortable and free than before. I also felt some bondage on the left side of my body disappear. That kind of evil energies stopped us from moving forward. Usually something on the left side of our body means “greed” about money, fame, power/influences, etc..On the other hand, something on the right side of our body means anger, envy, jealousy, irritation, whim, strong sexual desires, etc..I suppose they are all related to witchcraft and occultism to some points. Anyway, I believe God is making a new, beautiful way for His Kingdom. God is sincere. Thanks for your encouragement.
    Blessings for all.

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