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The LORD’s School of Silence — 12 Comments

  1. Thank you Sandi for this powerful and sobering word.  It is confirming what the Lord is doing in my life and I receive this with all of my heart.  Blessings to you again and again.

    • MF< I truly rejoice with you! I am rejoicing for a true refreshing in mine as well..I have been so stuck in one chapter of my book and as I am endeavoring to just be still and not scattered with my 'multi-tasking self' I am finding He has been waiting for this and has had much to say to us re: the times we are in! So many blessings to you as well, dear one

  2. Hi Sandi, This morning I was led to Psalm 46:10. It is one of my favourite verses. I too am hearing to be still. I run to the Lord first thing, but need more. There are times silence is golden. Have felt for awhile to take that time of refreshing. It’s my hearts desire to be like Mary. There is that desire to come up higher away from the voices and things calling for attention.
    I shared your Word as it is a timely post for so many.  Thank you, Patricia ❤️

    • Great to hear from you Patricia. Thanks so much for your confirmation and input. I appreciate you sharing. It is an amazing season we are in and a wonderful time to be alive. Love and blessings, my sister, Sandi

  3. Thank You Lord! Amen!
    I believe and receive!
    I love Psalm 46:10. It’s been on the wall of our house for years. I’ve always been one with a border collie type of attitude trying to bale in and do something. Lord only knows how many times HE has used this scripture to make me pause and listen to the masters command.
    I love silence! The Lords all powerful shadow that protects, defends, shelters, hides me and displays HIS willingness to “show “ me the battle belongs to HIM not me.
    Help me hear Your voice, and Your heart Lord!!!
    Thank You Jesus!!
    Thank You Sandi!
    This speaks directly to me!

    • Dear Marc, It is always great to hear your input and heart response. God has given you so much depth of understanding and desire to know Him more and more that it blesses me constantly to engage with you and see how the Lord continues to solidify your relationship and intimate walk with Him. Thanks for sharing your heart with me. Sending so many blessings to your and Tami, Sandi

  4. Wow Sandi, what a word in season for me! We are in a new church and the Lord is teaching me so much about the Messianic tradition. Kingdom Advance Network is on Facebook if you want to check them out. I am being as still as possible trying to hear Holy Spirit as He leads me forward.
    God bless you for this timely post.

    • Greetings dear Sandi –

      So interesting that you posted about ‘stillness & silence’, cause that’s where His Spirit has been drawing me to for quite some time. Even as I replied to Geoff Pick post other day – I know it’s the Lord whose been synchronizing my time and focus more than ever.

      Not reading or replying to everything, not online or here/there as much – just what He has me to do “that day”. More purposeful activity – & less wasted time. Phone calls, emails, s.media – greatly reduced. It’s as if Holy Spirit is getting us ready for the “next phase” of whatever.

      Wow – big changes up ahead – I pray we are all in alignment for our ordained assignments. Godspeed sister. – Elizabeth

      • Thank you Elizabeth. You are spot on, my friend. It is truly a time of silence and solitude and eliminating the time stealers. Also a time to put some ‘bows on some packages’ from the last season and any unfinished business to be quickly done. God bless you richly for your input and agreement. Sandi

    • Thank you so much for your agreement and confirmation, Chris. It is certainly a time to be in SILENCE with the one who has much to show us. May we move carefully and deliberately as He gives the go ahead and may we remain in the fear of the Lord until the end. Thanks for your blessing. Sincerely, Sandi

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