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His Secret Chamber of Revelation — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you JESUS and I love you GLORY AND HONOR BELONGS TO YOU.Please save every soul and please help me and my family right now and especially me to bring you glory and your will not ours get rid of the false church trying to take my place please and thank you MY HUSBAND.I accept.May the tempter be removed forever Keep our children safe.Thank you you are so precious.

  2. Beautiful are thy words to me Abba Daddy. I love you so much, my Father, my friend, my Daddy for you are thee Greatest. Awesome Wonderful, Counselor, and Priceless Friend I have ever known. I enjoy you so much, you are so important to me, I cherish you. I adore you. I love, love, love you. I desire to be with you forever. Happy we are one. You in me, me in you. Glory to God. We are More than Conquers, Abba Daddy, Nothing can defeat us.

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