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  1. Hi Jahfas,
    it is a blessing to read that the Lord reveals more or less the same understanding of the times, which means that the unity in His Spirit increases these days. The last months I’ve a heavy burden to pray about ‘the beginnning’.
    God has only ONE beginning and this is Gen.1:1 when He created the heaven and earth- those who hear and obey God and the earth on where they shall dwell.

    If one read the origin words in Gen.1:2 one understand that this is the fallen world and the same end which Isaiah 46:10 declares by saying
    “I declare the end from The Beginning”.

    So, we are heading back to the ‘beginning’ the end of the end so to speak and into as it was in The Beginning of the creation when everyone heard and obeyed God.
    That is the reason Jesus says we shall pray
    “Let thy Will be done on earth as in heaven”
    because it is in agreement with the first creation and Gen.1:1

    “The first shall be the last and the last shall be the first”
    (those who were created in the beginning shall be those who lives in the last time and those who lives in the last time shall be those who will enter into the beginning again)

    The falling away from the beginning is why “The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former” when we soon enter into the beginning again, because God’s Clock has soon fulfilled its circel and the last of Satan’s kingdom is defeated.

    Some years ago I heard the Lord say
    “This generation shall not pass until all this happen” and the confirmations of the times has only increased.
    It is serious times and no time for focusing on the present world.

    Greetings and blessings from sweden.

    Heaven= Shamayim
    Shma=hear and obey
    Heaven/Shamayim= seed who hear and obey diligently

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