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Holy Spirit Structure and Gatherings — 1 Comment

  1. You ‘betta’ teach Apostle! – POWERful read sir. – I’m not sure how the term ‘office’ was attached to Eph. 4:11 particular apostolic/prophetic – i haven’t considered the term ‘office’ as part of ‘Holy Spirit structure’- while it’s used in some faith communities, my thought is if one considers the title as “office” gift, it should extend beyond the local venue. I more closely believe the functions or movement of the leadership gift/s are ‘mantles’ not mechanics, which can include and combine the spiritual and practical gifts w/in the callings under Holy Spirit structure. Agree w/you that this Holy Spirit Structure’ Mark 16:15 keeps the church from a ‘systematic’ church structure as hierarchy in the Body of Christ. Praying as families and gatherings dwelling in Christ births, the true center of Spirit activity.

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