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Hope of a Bright Future — 3 Comments

  1. @ Gail Such a encouraging, well written post!! I surely enjoyed, as felt the Spirit of God all the way through. Thank you for sharing with us. God bless you

  2. God bless you dear sister in Christ,for exhorting us to depend in the Holy Spirit and to have eternal perspective.
    Holy Spirit of God please take my hand and lead me in the way you wants me to take.

  3. The Lord IS here if you hear His voice then you have already met Him “in the air” because the greek word describes “air” as the “psyche”.

    So we are not waiting on His “return” but att His “appearance” inside of us which will be when we are totally transformed into His image, that same image Paul speaks of that we will “see in the mirror”.

    We are only waiting for the full manifestation of God’s true sons and daughters so this evil age can be closed once and for all.

    “We” are the “whole creation” (from the beginning of the world, Gen.1:1)
    who are groaning and waiting for this manifestation!

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