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Horrific Events Coming to America — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for your words, Prophet Dewey.  I have been feeling in my spirit for a long time now that something was going to happen to strike down Pres. Obama.  He is so evil and I knew even before he was first elected that he was a charlatan.  I have posted your words (the Word of the Lord) on my FB page in hopes that everyone who is connected to me on there would be encouraged and keep on praying for deliverance from the evil which has befallen our country.

  2. I want to thank you for being obedient. You have confirmed something to me. When Gov. Perry announced his candidacy for president, I felt the Lord told me to pray for him and all associated with his campaign, “night and day”. So I did. When he disbanded his campaign, I asked the Lord about it and He said, “keep on praying.” So I have been praying for Mr. Perry and his campaign for over a year. I have been especially praying Col 1: 9-14. And as I have done so, I have realized that he will indeed need God’s wisdom to defeat the Democrats for they have been using satanic wisdom. The Republicans have only been using their natural, human wisdom against them and that will never work.
    The information about the devastation also confirms a vision of John Kilpatrick (from the Brownsville and Mobile revivals) which I think can be found on the internet.
    I also have felt the Lord told me He was going to bring judgment on the Democratic Party and they would never have another president in the White House. (I thought He meant Obama would lose.) So thank you for your courage in bringing the Word of the Lord has you have heard it. Sometimes it is hard to speak the truth, but we have to do as the Lord directs us. Blessings to you, Rosary Bullard

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