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Hotly Pursue The LORD, His Kingdom, Righteousness, Glory — 4 Comments

  1. Yes! Dr.June you are so on time! God is good! God is faithful! I thank God for His confirmation using you. In Jesus name! Amen. Apostle Johnson, Dr.

  2. Praise the Lord … a timely word from the Lord as that is exactly what the church must be doing with intentionality in days ahead.  SEEKING Him FIRST in prayer and in His Word; for His guidance and peace as we stand on our most holy faith in His widom and His given discernment …  the enemy will rage against us; BUT in Christ, we have the victory!  Amen.

  3. Glory to the Lord. Thank you Messiah for your words of life and love. Thank you that through your anointed woman of God, I have been greatly encouraged and doing the works that you want me to fulfill. Thank you dear Dr. June for always being there for us. Shalom to you.

  4. Yes Lord! We Pursue You like never before knowing YOU Lord are My EVERYTHING! Thank You Abba for Your Consuming Love! & Release Your Holy Fire in this Year like NEVER BEFORE!!☝

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