How Big is YOUR God?


I believe for far too long now, many in the Body of Christ have been looking through distorted lenses.  Their problems appear as mountains standing before them.

Many feel trapped with their backs against the wall.  Many feel Overwhelmed, overstretched and outnumbered.

TRUTH:   When we FOCUS on our problems, God looks small.  But when we choose to focus on God, then our problems look small.

TRUTH:   Our problems are but a speck of dust to the God of the impossible.  Indeed, our problems are illusions of darkness that are designed to paralyse our faith and extinguish our Joy and Expectation.

Today, I see the hand of the Father taking hold of many and leading them into a place I want to call the “Faith Zone.”

There in this place you will Stand, steadfast and unshakable, facing every situation in the light of His Glory and Power.  In this place, you will SEE that the mountains which stand before you are NOT BIGGER than the GOD you TRUST.

Declare with me:   “I am standing steadfast and strengthened in the faith zone.”

I Decree:   As you stand in the FAITH ZONE you will see a mighty demonstration of His Unfailing love, Power and deliverance, working on your behalf.  You will begin to experience a tangible change in your situations and circumstances.  The Spirit of FEAR will no longer have a hold over you.

I decree over you that your Faith Zone will now become your Safe Zone in Jesus’ mighty name.

Get ready.  For this is indeed a year of supernatural  “Re-location and Re-positioning”, things are shifting and lifting.

  • I saw that Some of you will be Physically Shifted.
  • Some of you will be Financially Shifted.
  • Some of you will be Relationally Shifted.
  • Some of you will be Shifted in Body, Mind and Spirit.  Health situations are going to experience sudden shift and a dynamic change.
  • Some of you will be Positionally Shifted.
  • Some of you will be Generationally Shifted, God is breaking the chains Generational curses.

If some of you can relate to one or more of these areas, begin NOW to receive that Shift and Relocation, and as you declare that you are now living in the “Faith zone”, you will be aligned with a manifestation of a mega-shift over every area of your life.

I see mountains moving in Jesus’ name.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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