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  1. Lord, we repent, renounce and break anything we have “in common” that might be stopping the breakthrough or holding back the things that we need to do.

    We repent, renounce and break, including any soul ties all the way back, or anything we may have done, knowingly or unknowingly.

    We ask, Lord, to forgive others. If there’s any unforgiveness in our hearts, we pray that You would show us anything that needs to be cleared out.
    We pray this in the name of the true Jesus.  Amen.

    Lord, we just praise Your name. We give thanks for all that You’re doing and what You’re about to do! 

    Lord, we ask that You would release Your power. Release Your love and praise.

    We pray right now that You would battle over us and contend with our enemies.

    Right now, release Your protection.

    Open the Bible to us. Speak to us to be able to hear Your voice in a greater way.

    We pray that You would bring greater power, peace, encouragement, patience and protection.

    In the name of the true Jesus.Amen

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