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How to Spot a True Prophet — 10 Comments

  1. Oh my… thank you Lord for this. ♥️

    Thank you for stewarding this word for Him Deborah. His very faithful, devoted servant.

  2. Well i dont usally respond to these things. But your insight is so beauiful. I have being anoited,being chasten by God. I being to heaven, i being to that place the lord has prepare for us for a time.i had some one on one time with lord Jesus Christ.4 days three nights. My testamony is off the chart.i being 10 days in that hell hole.i being hidden for a long time. You people read over me all the time. My time is close at hand.but for you Deborah. I blessed you in the father,son ,holy ghost. In Jesus name accept this blessing. I pray for you and your family and good health.keep edifying the children of god. Good job.

  3. I believe this was meant for me too, and for all the Sons of God rising up at this time.
    The Door is in the floor, any other door leads to the path of destruction and great deception. Oh it’ll look good in the eyes of our flesh, and would deceive even the elect….(if that were possible of course).
    Last night I went to the movie “Come Out in Jesus Name!!”
    I watched this man cry tears of joy while his wife turned, right in the middle of mistering to a wounded soul, and in what looked like a total trance, she could not take her eyes off of “the man” skipping jumping and hollering across “center stage”….(even the Elect if that were possible)!!! I have to wonder what must have been going through the mind of that person left to theirself….God Help Us!!!
    Repentance and humility are the only Keys that will unlock The Door!! As we, the Chikdren of God, fall on our faces before a Holy and Righteous AND a Loving God, we’ll find Peace and Freedom!!! There is truly no other way!!
    A couple weeks ago I heard the Spirit say, “He will take Center Stage!!” (Meaning Jesus) I witnessed the opposite in the spectacle I saw last night!!
    I’ve got less than nothing to boast of in my flesh, but I turn that today to the Most Beautiful Gift He’s given to His Creation, and through that Power, the Cross, I receive the BEST THAN Reflection of His Image instead!!
    God help me…
    Blessings beautiful lady!! :)

  4. So well spoken Deborah. So many need to know this part that is seldom defined “The ra’ah prophets have the ability, by definition of their revelatory function, “to see” or “to perceive,” which is generally used to describe the seer’s ability to reveal secrets. The ra’ah—seer—prophet can see secret, hidden, and mysterious things”. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Sandi Holman

  5. Thank you so much! I believe this was meant for me! I have been praying about it for a long time, struggling at times with this incredible gift. I want to be sure I’m always doing what God ask and what He wants me to share with others.

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