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How Would You Be Ready for These Days? — 10 Comments

  1. Prophet Hanson … Remember The Word of The Lord I gave to you on Sunday, April 12th.  A wicked and perverse generation balks at truth.  You give the word!  Allow the Holy Spirit to change the heart. 

    Prophet Hanson … You are NOT alone. Below is the Prophetic Word God gave to me at 3:00 A.M. this morning, (Sunday, April 12, 2020), which I sent to you. Be encouraged, you are highly favored by God.

    Stephen Arthur Hanson, thus saith The Lord God Almighty, The God of Abraham, The God of Isaac, The God of Jacob: “Yea, I have called thee as a Prophet of these last days, counted among the remnant of End Time Prophets I have preserved, that I have sent forth, that will go forth. My hand resteth upon thee, yea My Spirit abideth in thee, yea My words I have placed in thy mouth, words of knowledge, words of wisdom, words of revelation, edification and exhortation. Fear not their faces or their voices. Continue to speak, decree and declare what I command of thee to say, and know that I am with thee. Arise and shine, being the light that you are in a world that is growing dimmer even darker, that others cannot see, cannot discern, cannot sense. I have and will place in you My thoughts, My words, yea My desires. Continue to lift your voice as a trumpet, as a shofar, sounding an alarm to all who will listen. Know this, there are many who call themselves prophets who I have not called, who I have not spoken to. Woe unto them! Have I not said, “Yes, in My house I have found their wickedness. Therefore, their way shall be to them like slippery ways, in the darkness they shall be driven on and fall in them. For I will bring disaster on them! They walk in lies and strengthen the hands of evildoers, so that no one turns back from wickedness.” Yea, all I will spew out of My mouth. Do not be moved by the words that they prophesy, for they speak from their vain imaginations and not from my mouth. Woe, the time is coming and now is that My Remnant shall come forth. The true Prophets who will not be in unison with the self appointed ones I have taken my anointing from. The time is coming and now is that My remnant of Holy Prophets will come forth mightily with the Spirit of the Lord, yea My Spirit, upon them, and you among them. Therefore, rejoice in Me, find strength in Me, abide in Me. I am your covering, I am your shield, I am your redeemer.” says The Spirit of the Living God.

  2. Stephen, I have to tell you what just happened to me at Lowe’s. There were two check out lines and I was in the one on the left.  There was 1 woman ahead of me and one man behind me.  In the left checkout line there were about 3 people in line, but that line began to move and suddenly there was only one in that line standing at the cash register and she began to check out.  I thought about going over to that line and then thought, well that man behind me really does need to go on over and get in that line and he probably doesn’t want to get ahead of me.  About that time he tapped me on the shoulder and said, “do you want to get in that line?”  I said, “no you go ahead”. He said “thank you, I love you”.  I said “well I love you too and you’ve made my day”. He said “well I’m so glad, because I really do love you”.  I said “I know you do because you have God in you don’t you?”, as I could feel it running all over him. He said “yes if you ask, the Holy spirit will come and pour his love into you!”  I said yes I have been asking Him for more and more of Him. About that time I was told that I needed to get in another line somewhere else and was separated from that precious Black man or angel.  I cried and spoke in tougues all the way home and wished I had hugged him right there in Lowe’s.

    And, Stephen, here’s the best part. That man didn’t know and didn’t care that I’m a Deplorable and I don’t care if he’s Liberal.  Love covers it all and God is pouring out His love on all of us that are open to it. My hope is in God and in Trump, only, because I believe he is God’s man of the hour. I pray that God uses him and us, you too Stephen, to establish His kingdom here on earth. And I love you too Stephen.

  3. Enough with the trashing of the president, which you seem to be stuck on in most of your posts. While he has his flaws, he has done a lot of good things for the country.  The deception is coming from all sides, especially the left.

    • There are very few who have the courage to stand for the truth that great darkness has come upon this land with our president.  This prophet has been willing to take that stand and will incur the scorn of those who choose to live in the denial of deception.  May God give him increased courage.

    • I am not trashing this president,but God has clearly spoken to me time and time again about some of these things. Now, I ask you,Faith, why are you ignoring the main parts of this message that speaks of what is coming to this land of ours? Will you be ready, or will you have FAIH which is what your name implies.

      • Yes.  I am quite ready for the days ahead being a student of the bible for most of my life and being a news junky and researcher, I’m also very aware of current events. I also know that the Lord will preserve His remnant and there is hope in the midst of the darkness you describe, if the Lord was truly speaking to you.

      • I’m not ignoring your message. It is nothing new.  The Madras Fault has been known for quite sometime and everything else is already implied in the Bible (and I’ve been ready). However, with God there is always a flip side — He will be with us and sustain us through the hard times. It’s not all gloom and doom as most of your so-called prophetic musings seem to be.

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