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Hurl your cares onto Me, says the LORD! — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks Doc. for sharing this word of exhortation.
    Last year March 2015, I was residing in Pompano Beach/Margate, FL area, now I’m N.W.Arkansas.
    Everyday it seems I have to give myself a pep talk just to lace up my boots. I miss the ocean, I miss 3D people. The ones who possess a warm depth, personality,and are real.
    Spring 2009, a Sunday morning, Kingsland, GA, 7 years ago. A dream, I sensed a heavy anointing, heard The Lord Speak, “There is a New, and Greater Wave of My Glory coming.”
    I awoke, sat up in His Presence, bathed in The Glory. As that week progressed, The Spirit revealed, From Kingsland,GA I-95 South to Yulee, FL., East to Amelia Island, would become The Kingdom equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle. “People will get lost,.. In The Glory.”!!
    That hour is approaching, is upon us.
    Shalom, Robert

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