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I AM Breathing New Life Into You — 8 Comments

  1. Kirk, do not give up, I am going through some difficult time also and what I am doing is diligently seeking His presence where there is fullness of joy, for the joy of the Lord is our strength.  Remember the battle is the Lord’s and He is interceding to the Father on our behalf for He is a faithful shepherd!!! The Lord has a plan for your life so be encouraged.  Blessings and thank you Dr. Reinke for this awesome word. I receive all that is written on this post and hope many saints will be blessed as well!!!

  2. Thank you Cherish! I need to have your great faith! There are so many who have such a deep faith like yours! Amen!! I have chosen God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit of the Living God completely!! Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement!!!

  3. Oh, praise Jesus! Thank you Lord that Your Word does not return void, but it accomplishes what You sent it to do!!! Come Holy Spirit and breathe on me, breathe on my family, breathe on this nation! I give you praise for the mighty restoration that You will do!

  4. The enemy has beaten me with many blows. Family looks on me with love mixed with pity and disgust. Friends are all gone. Health is departing faster than my finances. There are so many amazing people on these sites who have maintained hope and been strengthened by faith. I have tried so diligently to get over the enemy’s assault. But I have failed. Forgive me for my failure. I love you Lord with all my heart my strength my soul and my mind. Please lift me up. Even now they beat like a drum. Demons torment me. Do you not see me? I don’t care about my dreams anymore. But I want to join the throng of those who help the lost in the earth to find you. For the sake of the final harvest, will not lift up my head?

    • Kirk, I hope you read this. Your not alone, your right where He has you. Keep going!! After I read your response to Miss June, I looked at the time you sent it, 5:35!! (My favorite numbers) The first part of those numbers, 53, Isaiah 53 is about the suffering our Lord endured, and if we choose Him….Truly choose Him, we will suffer. But the second part, 35, Isaiah 35 is about the turnaround, the Joy of the Redeemed!!
      I’m contending with you Kirk.
      My favorite part of today’s post is about the mockers who’ve spread they’re joy in my suffering and torment to anyone and everyone they can, but they will witness the Resurrection Power of the Lord from the Center-out of every fiber of my being!! Praise God Hallelujah!!!

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