I AM calling out Restoration!


“I am calling to My warriors to stir up your zeal!

Come into My presence with worship and song.  Dance with Me and bring judgment on the enemy’s forces with your music and worship of Me!

The enemy will be routed as you sing and praise Me and dance upon injustice!

I AM calling out RESTORATION in the midst of your praises.

I AM calling out for the breaking of chains with each refrain.  So come, and spend time with ME, and I will give you the nations.  I will give you the prodigals.  I will break the chains that bind them and destroy the works of the enemy over their lives.  Sing aloud on your beds at night, and I will sing a song over you.

I have songs of deliverance coming forth that will destroy strongholds and people will be freed of their bondages.  I have prophetic songs to be sung, if you will listen for My voice in the midst of worship.

Allow MY VOICE to come forth and watch the healing and deliverance that will take place.  But you must ALLOW ME to be pre-eminent!

I AM Your Warrior King.  I know what each person needs, and what it takes to set them free . I will not only use your words to do it. I will break the neck of the enemy with just a touch, with just a song, with just a desire in your heart to see it done.

I will do things you have never seen, if you will just trust ME and ask ME what to do.”


~ Priscilla

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