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I AM Extending My Hand to You! — 6 Comments

  1. Sue, I have been feeling the same! Yesterday’s “Give Him 15” lesson from Dutch Sheets was so encouraging to me. It was titled, “The Dangling Carrot” and that absolutely is how my faith has felt for the last many years—a dangling carrot I will never reach. And I have been SO discouraged. It’s only 15 minutes, and worth a listen.  May God bless you today!


  2. Received Abba Father!!
    I declare in agreement this Day that I will know that Your Hand is upon me and I will know You as my Provider, Protector, Promoter, Positioner and Preserver!!
    I pick this up and put this Promise on Lord, with a grateful heart!!
    God bless you dear June!! :)

  3. This is exactly all running thru my mind.

    The power of the holy spirir speaking thru this woman of God.

    Lord Im so in anguish i just want to give up. I feel like my faith has been a fantasy world with nothing ever manifesting.

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