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“I AM Looking for Intercessors!” — 5 Comments

  1. I am right with you, and feel so strengthened by this word.

    For the past year, the Lord has me writing teachings on His word. My heart has always been to see the body of Christ mature and have a spirit of Understanding, Revelation in His Word, and Wisdom. I too live in Canada and pray for her as she has such a mandate on her for ‘the Healing of the Nations’. But we have lived in other parts of the world and so I also pray for the USA and the Nations.

  2. Surely, I confirm this is the Word of the Lord. He’s speaking same thing to other sold-out saints I know. I too, bare witness to this sister. God’s waking His bride in the night-watches to intercede. He’s calling to them – as Jesus asked His own in the Garden…”tarry with me. Stay with me as I surrender to the mystery of obedient surrender”.

    In the busyness of daily activities- we hear the cry of the Spirit to drop it all and “Come Away my Beloved”. What you scribed so beautifully- I hear Holy Spirit say, is He is wooing the remnant bride to deep intercession. Its the cooing of the dove. Holy Spirit is longing to birth and bring forth. It’s His last birth-push (for the Church) you are sensing. Shalom. Elizabeth

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