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“I AM Not a Tame Lion!” — 3 Comments

  1. Wow!  Thank you, for your powerful Word! Last night I struggled with doubts ‘if I had unbelief ‘ ….
    “Stand where I have placed you” was like a loud thumping in my Spirit
    “Weep no longer” I believe made me gasp.

    Several years ago I wrote several poems, one of them was like a personal prophetic Word to myself : it was like God Almighty telling me to weep no more. I had scetched out a girl with head tilted downward with bowls of tears full, underneath all around some small and average bowls with some spilling out.  It was difficult at that time to understand the message because I hadn’t been through the trial season To it’s fullness yet…… Years later I suffered much loss, betrayals, injustices loss of several family members etc. Years of mourning followed
    Now in this season I am in a place of many night hours as a watchman over my household in a place also prophetic to me in several thoughts, signs & wonders, yet questioning If I should be here, because the people are lawless, ungodliness still persisting, yet recently again when crying out to God against injustices I hear Him say ‘weep no more’ to me. That it’s time to rejoice :)

    Much more I could say but …… Thank you

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