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I AM Not Finished With You Yet! — 6 Comments

  1. Wow. Wow. This confirms what God is telling me. I am so encourage by this word. Thank you so much for confirmation.

  2. Hi and God bless you, Dr.Sheltrown Reinke, thanking God for your service! Praise his holy name, for he is worthy to be Praised, giving God all of the glory.

    This a very much needed message, post and word of God for me, as my heart embraces, desires the holy and infallible written word of the Lord. Understanding the call of the Lord, remaining in his presence, reading his word daily, fasting prayer are some of the most powerful ways to stay in position in the Lord Jesus, breaking the chains and shackles of sins, remaining delivered from the demonic strongholds in which the enemy uses in an attempt to keep God’s Children bound.

    I pray that you are having a blessed and wonderful weekend, as I know the Lord uses you mightily and you are in holy service unto the Lord Jesus, all season. I pray that Jesus blesses your steps in him, strengthens your spiritual, physical and mental daily state to continue to be a powerful blessing for him, for him to receive the glory through your willing vessel, as you are a great inspiration and encouragement to me, even now in the darkest hours and darkest of days.

  3. This writing is speaking to me, praise God it bares witness with me and I have a strong heart for God and I know He is not finished with me yet, although I am 70 years of age. I still have a work to do for the Father and He has given me His assignment. The Father and the Son is all I need and all I want. Amen.

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