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I AM the God of the Impossible — 4 Comments

  1. Your words are full of hope, they come from your HEART AND WISDOM, from you flow many words of GOD. You have Him inside, I know this by all your precious articles. Inside and outside you shine His beauty !
    Bible speaks pretty much about His suddenlies: Paul and Silas caused EARTHQUAKES THROUGH PRAISES AT MIDNIGHT, and many wonders happened throughout the Bible / the entire history. More suddenlies will happen !
    Sudden rains, sudden fires, sudden storms, sudden earthquakes…. The biggest SUDDENLY will be HIS RETURN !

  2. There are no suddenlies. That word is used out of a lack of wisdom of who God is. Yes God is a God of the impossible; however, there is no such thing as impossible when it comes to God. The problem is too many have already given up because things have gotten to difficult. The impossible things have overshadowed their life.

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