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I Deleted Some People From My Friends List… — 4 Comments

  1. Omg, this is hilarious!!! Wow! I completely understand where you’re coming from brother. I commend you for your love for our Heavenly Father. I feel sorry for the bad guy (that irate minister). Just like in the movies, the main boy(good guy) always win. Thank you Abba.

    • I totally get it. Not only did I get rid of some friends, but I got rid of and deleted my Facebook page altogether. I tell you I’ve never felt more free in my life! For all it’s worth, friendships are supposed to be personal, special and meaningful, not hiding behind some computer screen throwing darts at each other. I encourage you to keep pressing into Jesus, because He’s the real Friend that sticks closer than a brother!

  2. I left my friend of over 40 years in order to fulfill my destiny. I thought it would be hard to do, but when I made the right decision to leave, I felt a strong release of freedom and ready to fulfill my destiny with joy.

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