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I Have Everything Under My Control! — 5 Comments

  1. Truly You are Good Abba Father, So So Good!
    You truly have everything under control! I surrender to Your unconditional loving-kindness and Favor. You rescued me from myself and out of the grip of the evil one, (in every poisoned and deceived form)!!
    I choose the Spirit of Truth to guide me Lord, and turn from the emotional pull of my flesh.
    I pray for Wisdom Father, and I receive Your Strength in place my many weaknesses.
    Let the Power of the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord take possession of my thoughts and rule my life, for You are the Awe Inspiring Warrior, with me always, and I trust in You Abba.
    God bless this beautiful lady for her Faithfulness in coming alongside Your Beloved to strengthen and encourage, what a blessing she’s been Abba, thank You.

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