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I Have Given You My Authority! — 6 Comments

  1. I had a dream on Sept 30th, 2019 where there was a snake coiled around my neck trying to choke the life out of me. A friend asked me if I was okay to which I responded that I didn’t feel well. My ear has been giving me a real bit of trouble for the past month, but today seems fine.
    I was praying earlier, asking God for a word and when I opened my phone this message jumped out to me. Praise the Lord. Thank you for the confirmation through this sister Holy Spirit.
    May the Lord bless and keep you always.

  2. PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST… I know iv mentioned before, regarding how consistent your messages are from The Lord dear sister Deborah… it just utterly amazes me how God is using you… honestly it never fails … time after time, the very issues that im facing or going through at those moments, God addresses it using His Gift in you … Praise too His Holy Name… Thank you JESUS CHRIST… All for HIS Glory… and in showing appreciation too His handmaiden.

    God Bless you sister Deborah !

  3. I shouldn’t be so surprised when Gods Word is so astoundingly perfect, but I am amazed nonetheless. Thank you Deborah. Happy New Year Beautiful lady :)

  4. God is astoundingly Perfect. I shouldn’t be shocked when His Word’s are this spot-on, but I am always amazed. Thank you Deborah. Happy Beautiful New Year!!

  5. I receive this Word. Today is my son’s birthday and the Spirit of the Lord said to see what my prophets are saying; This is an accurate Word for this season for Him. God is just sooooo real! Gives us the strength to keep fighting.

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