I Have Given You My Authority! — 5 Comments

  1. PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST… I know iv mentioned before, regarding how consistent your messages are from The Lord dear sister Deborah… it just utterly amazes me how God is using you… honestly it never fails … time after time, the very issues that im facing or going through at those moments, God addresses it using His Gift in you … Praise too His Holy Name… Thank you JESUS CHRIST… All for HIS Glory… and in showing appreciation too His handmaiden.

    God Bless you sister Deborah !

  2. I shouldn’t be so surprised when Gods Word is so astoundingly perfect, but I am amazed nonetheless. Thank you Deborah. Happy New Year Beautiful lady :)

  3. God is astoundingly Perfect. I shouldn’t be shocked when His Word’s are this spot-on, but I am always amazed. Thank you Deborah. Happy Beautiful New Year!!

  4. I receive this Word. Today is my son’s birthday and the Spirit of the Lord said to see what my prophets are saying; This is an accurate Word for this season for Him. God is just sooooo real! Gives us the strength to keep fighting.

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