I see mantles falling…


Let every para-siting Power that has stolen your virtues, your blessings, your favor, your health and influence, be cut off and demolished and destroyed by the fire and the power of God.

Let everything that has been stolen from you come back seven-fold in, Jesus’ name

* * * * *

I see mantles falling upon the holy separated, consecrated, prepared, remnant who are laying their lives down in a sacrifices of prayer, praise, fasting, devouring and meditating on My word.

Vessels prepared for mantles of prayer, mantles of fasting, mantles of healing, miracles and deliverance, prophecy and revival.  Mantles of glory and reformation.

Arise and shine, for this is your time, your season, your hour, step up, step in, and go forth as mighty flames of fire and desire.

Time is delayed no longer, so go ye and do and be all that I have called you to, says The Lord


Kevin Nugent

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent




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