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I Want Somebody To Minister To Me! — 9 Comments

  1. Dear Robert, I feel Holy Spirit all around me as I’m reading this message, you have been such a blessing to me and the body of Christ, God is holding you together my brother and He’s using your voice for such a time as this.
    Love your anointed messages.

    God bless you in Jesus Name

  2. Good morning dear brother, and all brothers and sisters.
    The Bible condordance did not find that one verse I was looking for, but here is another strong comfort from GOD: Psalm 105:15 TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED ONES ! And in Sacharija 2:8 GOD says: TOUCH NOT THE APPLE OF GOD’S EYE !
    GOD hears the cries of the oprressed widows, orphans and foreigners, OUR GOD sooner or later He will do what He has promised: 2nd Book of Moses (=Exodus) 22:22. I gave ut some of my old personal Bibles to the needy, where many verses were marked with lines and colours. Now I can’t find those wonderful comforting verses so fast as before, but they are inside of my heart and mind. Let us take care and let us pray that never ever any mind control system torture or any poison in food, water, air can rob us of GOD’S TREASURE inside of us.

  3. Amen, Robert. With regards, “The price……” There are some who can identify with you 100%. But think of the blessings we would have missed had we chosen another way. Even if others should view you as worthless, view that as a badge of honor. With the Lord Jesus you’re in great company. Great is your heavenly reward. God’s best to you and yours!

  4. Dear Robert
    A few days ago I read an article from you how you got attacked in your bed, in your so urgent needed rest. First thought was: I MUST comfort you ! Somehow forgot it during daily errands. This headline today made my senses even more wide open to send you comfort. I always loved and admired your articles ! You never wrote bitter or with an arrogant finger point. You wrote and you write so refreshing normal, without falsehood. I highly appreciate how you shared how you resisted the devil, in all that terrible weakness. I truly thought: This brother must have published a powerful true Word from God and for warning and helping others. I do not use facebook, I am out there for many reasons. So I don’t know this article. I remember, you got hindered and attacked by hidden persecutors. Computer sabotage is one of their favourite methods. It is sent against us, purposely done for the loss of freedom, an attack against our human rights. It goes deep into our privacy what is done in secret. So be strong and lovingly embraced by a sister from Germany. I saw that day, they even have put a line over your name. I do not know the english word for this, but it is meant to traumatize, to make one fearful. Brother – they do this not against powerless Christians. You are a chosen CHRIST-ian and be assured, I love you and I suffer with you. Stay strong in the knowledge, those who oppressed you, did this against GOD, too ! This is written in The Holy Scriptures ! I am going to find that verse and will publish it as soon as possible. My heartfelt greetings to you ! Marion

  5. Robert, your worth not a $million , not even the riches of the whole world; but the priceless blood of Jesus! and you are important to God and the people around you . but allow me to say this or say it to myself that I can not call myself ‘a good person’ for there is only one who is good ( Lk18:19, Ro7:18),and I can certainly call myself a wretched as Paul did ( Ro7:24),saved by grace (Eph2:8) , sanctified by the Blood, the Holy Spirit and the word ( 1Jn1:7, Ro15:16,Jn15:3,17:17),so that we might become the righteousness of God IN him (2Co5:21). so let me encourage all and myself with this word in Jos1:7:” Be strong and very courageous, Be careful to obey all the laws my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left , that you may be successful wherever you go .” Amen!

  6. Dear Robert, I agree with all of the above comments. And, what a very sweet and tender message, the idea of which has never occurred to me. God bless you, sir.

  7. Dear Robert, you are greatly loved. Bought with the highest price. You belong to Jesus, the King of Glory.
    One day Robert, we will fully know what we mean to Him.
    Love you too my brother. The Lord is always speaking to me through your writings. Thank you.

  8. Jesus needs people like you. One day we have to give account to God, not people. Obeying God is important…..than pleasing people around us.

  9. Dear Robert You ARE worth something, you have been bought priceless treasure and you are loved You are a good person How beautiful the feet of he who brings good news! Thank you for preaching to me today. Your message was a good and beautiful one! God bless you friend.

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