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I Will Not Leave You Standing — 4 Comments

  1. Oh my Daddy, how beautiful you are to me. How precious are your words of deep lasting love for me. I delight in you, as much as you do for me, for every waking moment of my day, you are right there with me. I long to be close to you, for you to take me in your arms, to hold me ever so close to you.
    I long to be there with you as much as you desire me to be with you. I am so delighted, in your soon coming, for it is so so close. I reign in you, you in me, What a delight it will be for me, and you, on that awesome glorious day, when you come to take me home to be with you, my King of Kings, and Lord, of Lords, for it is a treasure to me, and soon and very soon I will be with you. I love you without end, limitless, is my love for you.

  2. I am one of those women in your dream. My heart was broken many times and this last time was exactly the way you described it. I have waited for and known this man for 10 years and felt that those years were wasted, and still hurt because of it. I am getting older, but still desire to be married and have children. So grateful to the Lord for keeping His promises, for loving and never leaving me.

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