I will reap a great Harvest!

First published in 2005, the is re-posted as a Word for Today!


“Do not disqualify even the youngest of children for out of the mouths of babes and infants, I have ordained PRAISE!

I told you to become as little children or you wouldn’t enter the kingdom of heaven!  So listen to your children and grandchildren!  Do not dismiss them from prayer rooms, or worship!  Know that I can move through whomever I will at My own preference.  I AM not PARTIAL!  Raise the children to KNOW THEIR GOD and to worship Me in Spirit and in TRUTH!  Open your hearts to believe they have ability to hear from Me also!  Do not dismiss their words.

Ready your hearts for HARVEST.  Get your hearts healed by basking in My presence and being filled with My love.  Then you will be able to do all I am calling you to do, by your dependence on ME.  Do not strive, but relax in My love and kindness.  For I AM pouring it out like a river… this river will be called

“GREAT GRACE”!  And it will be blown into your midst by a mighty rushing WIND.  Cloak yourselves in MY righteousness for I AM yours and you are Mine!  You are My beloveds and I love you as no other loves you.  I will pour out the mercy and grace in great measure so that you will be filled with the knowledge of My love, and the fullness of Me that your soul can accommodate.

Resign yourselves to a love fest!  For My love is burning and on fire for you all and for all that will come into My Kingdom in the ensuing days!  I will flood the earth with My glory. Abide in Me and I will abide in you!

I will sing over you with JOY!  Know that this glory will also separate, and will cause the earth to groan and groan more and more.  So do not think of yourself more highly than you ought , for I AM bringing down the kingdoms man has built solely for himself!

Have an answer for the hope that lies within you to share!”


~ Priscilla

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