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“I Will Reverse the Reversals!” — 6 Comments

  1. Dear Sis June, your Words are so Encouraging- however, am not sure as to whether I should pursue the Calling on my Life and do the planning in my daily work -buying and selling** ( i.e “occupy until I come”) even as I Watch and Pray
    like the wise men, stop everything and Follow the Star as Yeshua is Showing us Signs in the Sky ..and that His Catching Away is Imminent..and go out and STOP my day to day work**and simply do the Ministry Work FULL-TIME. (e.g like many YouTube Watchers..Informed Christians on YouTube covers this succinctly.. )
    Help ! what exactly do we Reades do…with different Voices from Prophets around the Globe. Bless you. Love, Sis Yucca

  2. Wow, indeed so, for you have confirmed to me once again the increase. The Good Works you have called me forth. Thank you Daddy awesome one. I love you Greatly.

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