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I Will Shake Myself — 1 Comment

  1. May His people be Pure, Perfect AND Holy.
    We are to keep ourselves pure, undefiled with sin inwardly and outwardly. And this NOT because of what is coming down in America and the world as a whole but because we truly wish to be Holy – Perfect as He has told us to be, Wishing to do only what the Master says and nothing else. He Deserves NOTHING less for have we not received grace because of the Cross?
    If we profess the gospel then no longer should there be carnal loves and dislikes nor should our minds be thinking on vain things. It is in this we find the difference between the real and the carnal Christian. What is happening is long awaited. It shall show each person how MUCH Jesus they have allowed to be in them. All is in His hands. \o/

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