I Will Shake Myself


“And he wist not, that the Lord was departed from him,”   Judges 16:20.  Not fully realizing what he had lost, and not knowing what condition he was in, he thought he could go out as other times before.

This is not an easy message; I won’t pretend that it is.  This great man, was anointed of God.  It was prophesied to his parents, about what he was supposed to be, before he was even born.  God gave him much power; he did mighty exploits.

Many of us started out with the right intentions.  The Spirit of the Lord, has used us in many ways; we saw wonderful things along the way.  It would only be fair, to say that Samson made some poor choices.  But he did not fail, until “his soul was vexed unto death.”

It must be said, that King Solomon, was once known as the wisest man on the earth.  Yet, even he ended up in disgrace, because he allowed himself to be swayed into worshipping some false gods.

What are the gods of this world, that so many of us have turned to.  How could we start out so strong, and then, little by little, give way to the desires of men and forget what our main goal and purpose is to be.  It might not settle well with some, but I fear that it must be said.  We talk about God bringing us to the kingdom, for such a time as this.  Truthfully, not so long after many of us first came into the church, there were those who had already begun to veer away from the true order that was given by God, for the body of Christ.

We were born into such a time.  We are truly blessed, that we were able to see what the real power of God can do.  We were honored and chosen, to see it demonstrated; that’s why we know the real difference between what we see today.  It’s terrible to think, that by choosing our own programs and following our own desires, the Spirit of the Lord may have departed from us, and we are not even aware of it.  I know that sounds harsh, but it truly is what happens, when you try to suppress or direct the moving of the Holy Ghost.

Devouring and insane evil spirits, have been loosed on this Earth.  It is like no other time.  It is past time for us to shake ourselves.  It will take the actions of God, to move so many of us out of the lethargy we have become accustomed to.  What I find frightening, is that many do not realize that the power they once had, has truly been dissipated.  What have we filled our own spirits with; why has God allowed us to be blinded by the things of this world.  And He has allowed it; He said He would.  It’s not so difficult to understand.

Somehow, we let the desire for material things, wealth, fortune, positions among our peers, numbers, greater barns and fleshly recognition for ourselves, overpower our love for God and the genuine moving of the Spirit.  We stopped seeking the lead of the Holy Ghost and settled for less; even accepting substitutes.  As this world continues today, forces of darkness will arise even greater.

We may think we can rise to meet them as before, but we will be overcome by a severe loss of true Holy Ghost power.  Only that Spirit, can deliver us from what is coming, and what has already arrived.  So, I sincerely pray, “God shake me, and let me see.”


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




I Will Shake Myself — 1 Comment

  1. May His people be Pure, Perfect AND Holy.
    We are to keep ourselves pure, undefiled with sin inwardly and outwardly. And this NOT because of what is coming down in America and the world as a whole but because we truly wish to be Holy – Perfect as He has told us to be, Wishing to do only what the Master says and nothing else. He Deserves NOTHING less for have we not received grace because of the Cross?
    If we profess the gospel then no longer should there be carnal loves and dislikes nor should our minds be thinking on vain things. It is in this we find the difference between the real and the carnal Christian. What is happening is long awaited. It shall show each person how MUCH Jesus they have allowed to be in them. All is in His hands. \o/