Iceberg (UK) Breaks Free From Glacier (EU)!



This News article popped up on my news feed this afternoon and it IMMEDIATELY caught my attention, as I read the headlines the Holy Spirit began to speak to me.

As I read through the news piece, the first thing the Holy Spirit highlighted to me was the location of this ‘happening’, “Greenland”!

As I went with the leading of the Spirit, I discovered that Greenland was in fact the VERY FIRST Island to have had a referendum in 1982 to LEAVE THE EU BLOC.

It took Greenland 3 years to break free of the EU, and it was a journey that was fraught with great turmoil and trouble.

But check this out Sunday Mail article: “Doomsday Prophets Were Wrong….

The Sunday Express ©  August 12, 2016
It was worth it!’ Greenland’s ‘simple’ exit from Europe ‘proved doomsday prophets wrong
BREXIT could provide a boost to Britain’s economy that would shatter the warnings of “doomsday prophets”, a veteran of negotiations to cut ties with Brussels has suggested.
Lars-Emil Johansen, who helped lead Greenland out of the European Economic Community in 1985, has intervened in the debate about the UK’s European future to paint a positive vision of life outside the European bloc.
He recalled that quitting the EEC – the forerunner to today’s EU – had provoked a political storm but was followed by economic growth once Greenland was free of Brussels……
…..Mr Johansen said: “It was a huge deal for domestic politics in Greenland.”
The doomsday prophets said that Greenland could never get an exit deal that would be as beneficial as the conditions under EC membership.
But Greenland’s economy then expanded in the years following the exit, “proving doomsday prophets wrong,” Mr Johansen said.”

Amazingly!  As I have read the news article, I have been blown away by the words used to describe the breaking away of the iceberg from glacier, i.e.; “it sounded like rockets going off, it was a very complex, chaotic and a noisy event…!

Total confirmation of what is happening in Government in this very moment.

As I have been praying over this news article, I am being shown many prophetic parallels that are unfolding before us as a Nation.

I also see and believe that in Greenland being seen as a backdrop God is revealing a number of significant and greater strategies for the purpose of prayer and intercession going forward as a Nation in the coming days…!

Ever since sharing the “ICEBERG WORD”, I have been waiting with great expectation for confirmation to the word to manifest in some way in the natural, and I believe HERE IT IS!

What I find interesting is that the “Island of Greenland” (FIRST ISLAND TO LEAVE EU) seems to be a backdrop in this word being confirmed.

I submit that this ‘unusual and sudden happening’ in Greenland not only serves to confirm the dream but it brings ‘Great encouragement’ for us to continue to watch!

Pray, persevere, press in and praise him until we have totally broken free from the clutches of the EU…  No strings (tentacles) attached!


Lastly, something else that was clearly highlighted to me by the Holy Spirit were the words “GREEN – LAND.”

in the vision God clearly showed me the following, and I quote;

“Suddenly my eyes were drawn back to the overturned iceberg.  I saw that it had now become stable, and watched as it floated away from the glacier.

Then the vision shifted and suddenly I saw the sun rising on the horizon, painting the skies with the deep colours of yellow, red and orange.

I heard these words echo in the realm of the Spirit, “Behold!  The dawning of a new day for the nation of Great Britain.”

As I looked at the sun rising in the distance, immediately I heard these words, “Arise!  Shine!  For My Glory has risen upon you, Great Britain.”

Then I looked again at the iceberg and I watched as the light and heat from the suns rays began to shine brighter and brighter upon the whole nation.

Now as I remained watching the nation, I saw the tops of mountains which were covered in lush green grass beginning to emerge from the thick frozen layers of ice.

Signs of new life began to burst forth from beneath the icy surface.  Then again I heard the Spirit say,  “Behold!  The former things have come to pass.  The new thing I now declare before they spring forth, I tell you of them!”

The vision ended.”

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Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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