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  1. Veronica, Thank you for sharing your gift.  With all the many voices out there, the Holy Spirit has guided me to you and a few others who he’s told me can be trusted.  Love, power and protection on you and your family.

  2. Yes I just reread something’s the Lord told me a few years back & some match what God gave you, exciting times !  Thank you for sharing

  3. Oh Dear Lord God, Amen and Amen Abba Father!!! Almighty God!!!! Creator of ALL, seen and unseen!!! ALL Power and ALL Authority is Yours and Yours alone Hallelujah!!! You do as You please with men and with angels!!! You created the destroyer to work havoc!!! You are the Alpha and You are the Omega!!! You wrote the Story and it’s all true Author of Life and Finisher of Faith!! The Victory has been won because You didn’t just nail the written code to the Cross but You dismantled the devil and demonic kingdom and even shamed them by it’s Power….and best of all, you’ve Reconciled us to You Abba through the Most Beautiful Gift You could have ever bestowed upon us, Your Beloved Son Jesus Christ our Lord!!
    Thank You Thank You Thank You Abba Father!!
    Amen and Amen!!!

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