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It’s Time to Climb! — 5 Comments

  1. Amen! Thank you for this word.
    The web site, Hebrew for Christians, also has some interesting notes on the letter Chet. The character of the letter is made from the letters Vav(6) that receives light from God, and Zayin(7,and crowned Vav)that returns light(glory) to God, which are joined by a “yoke”.The Chet character reminds me of the newer auto fuses.
    WIKI: In electronics and electrical engineering, a fuse is an electrical safety device that operates to provide overcurrent protection of an electrical circuit. Its essential component is a metal wire or strip that melts when too much current flows through it, thereby interrupting the current. It is a sacrificial device; once a fuse has operated it is an open circuit, and it must be replaced or rewired, depending on type.

    Lots of typology from this.

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