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  1. Thank you, His Word through you had been “spot on” since they were I first received them as delivered through another person until I found your website. These have been fabulous, the past 2-3 years to the present especially!

    This came also when I was lead to share a testimony which has been reaching others, encouraging them to lean on him, listen and trust His leading.

    *BIG Shoes* (my true story)

    The fastest path to healing comes by LOVING and FORGIVING, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to FORGIVE *yourself.* However, I didn’t learn the last part of that lesson until one afternoon when my youngest child (of 6) was just barely a toddler…. She was trying to walk down the hallway in my BIG, “adult-sized” shoes, but she kept stumbling and falling.

    So I rushed over, scooped her up and wiped away her tears, holding her closely, kissing her cheeks; and I said, “Sweetheart it’s okay, it’s okay.”

    She frowned but looked up earnestly to know WHY it was ok…

    I continued, “Honey, right now you’re too little to walk in mommy’s *BIG shoes;* but you walk *just fine* in your OWN shoes…. But- GUESS WHAT!”

    Her eyes widened and she started to look up with a slight smile, anxiously blurting, “WHAT! Mamma?”

    I answered, “Well, you are growing EVERY day, right now my shoes are too big for you; but someday, when you get bigger you WILL be able to wear mommy’s shoes! AND – GUESS what else!”

    Her eyes got wider and more round (listening attentively)….

    “You might just grow up to be able to wear BIGGER shoes than mommy can wear!”

    With that, she squealed in delight and leaned into me with a full-body HUG.

    At that very moment of her embrace, I heard Father softly but clearly speak through the Holy Spirit in my heart:

    “My child, as you see your daughter, so I see YOU!

    “Satan knows you’re mine; so he went after you early, right at the beginning while you were young and just learning to walk in the Spirit.

    “Yet you did not give up as he hoped. You knew I was scooping you up, wiping your tears, and setting you back on your feet. Your faith did not fail. And he was more angry because you even humbled yourself to forgive those Satan used to hurt you and knock you down….

    “But my child, for years now you’ve allowed the enemy to attack you with sorrow, guilt, regret and self-condemnation. Yet you’ve already put those things under the Blood.

    “My daughter, I have ALREADY forgiven you, and you’ve faithfully forgiven everyone EXCEPT ONE, *yourself!”*

    As I began to cry from somewhere deep within my soul, tears began streaming from my eyes and washed down my cheeks, some falling on Sarah, still cuddled up in my embrace.

    She looked up, “Why you so sad, Mommy?”

    I answered, “Mommy has happy tears… not sad…. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!”

    She smiled, kissed me and climbed down from off my lap where we were sitting on the edge of the bed and toddled off (without my shoes!).

    Then I felt His embrace in my soul and I heard that still small voice once again,….

    “My child, as you have deep love and compassion for your daughter; so I have even deeper love and compassion for you. I saw what the enemy did – Satan knew your fervent love and desire to serve me – but he also knew you were not YET grown or ready to fill those ‘BIG shoes’ which you ARE being called to FILL…

    “So while he pushed, you stumbled; and you *thought* it was your fault. But child — just as you don’t expect your baby to walk in ‘big shoes’ like an adult, NEITHER did I expect you to walk in those ‘big shoes,’ YET.

    “For years, the enemy has deceitfully used that regret and self-condemnation against you, but stumbling and falling are a normal part of learning to walk; and my daughter, *you now walk ‘just fine’ in your OWN ‘big shoes!’*

    “My child, you’ve forgiven everyone else; and I’ve already forgiven you…. Now, it’s TIME to forgive yourself!”

    I sat there crying, laughing, praying…
    I lost all track of time; but I felt such an INNER HEALING and deep PEACE just FLOOD my soul, I can’t even describe it!

    I promise you, NO matter HOW BIG the LOSS, the PAIN , the SORROW, the ABUSE (yes, I survived 15+ years in an abusive 1st marriage), the TRAUMA, the HURT, Anger or Bitterness,….

    The *ONLY way to HEAL* is TO *LOVE and FORGIVE!*

    Note: *Love is NOT a feeling or an emotion!* It is a conscious ACTION made by deliberate CHOICE!

    You **Choose** to Love! You **Choose** to Forgive!

    Yes, even if you don’t “feel” like it- actually – ESPECIALLY when you don’t feel like it!

    Love *LEADS to feeling and emotion;* but those are only the “by-products” of Love; they are the **RESULTS** of Love, not actual Love itself!

    So *CHOOSE to Love & Forgive!*

    And… don’t forget to *Forgive yourself,* while you’re at it.

    As Christ, YahShua said:

    Matthew 11:6
    And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.

    Luke 7:23
    And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.

    LOVE and FORGIVE – because YOU ARE ALREADY Loved and Forgiven!

    May Our Father and Christ Jesus (YahShua Ha Maschiach) continually bless you and your families through His Holy Spirit (the Ruach Ha Kodesh),
    … in His Eternal Love:

    *L*-ife’s *O*-nly *V*-alue *E*-ternal!
    Your servant and sister,


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