Impending Judgement!

NOTE:  This word was given to Prophet Ken Dewey by the Lord on November 18, 2008, who wrote it down just like He said it.  It needs to be brought forward to here because the reality of it is even more real NOW than back then.


Impending Judgement has come upon America.  America the great, no longer the great; your greatness has vanished quickly.  Time has run out.  I can no longer stay my hand, your iniquity has come up before me.  Your choices have taken you down; you have given your enemy reason to destroy you.  The destroying weapon is in his hand, he has gone out to severely hurt you.

I can not tolerate this any longer, you have given me no other choice.  You have turned your back on me and walked away even as you said you would.

I will no longer stop your enemy from defaming your land.  You wanted to serve him, now serve him.  Find out the power of his hand.

Wicked men will not prosper, without me you cannot stand.  I will remove my hand for a moment so you will understand.   America why do you question the goodness of my hand?  I have made you to prosper, and you thank me not again.  Vainly do you imagine life is in your hand, you hve not stopped to ponder just how great I Am.  

Without me you will perish in the hands of wicked men.  Watch them as they squander all the blessings in your land.  

I alone hold the key to your survival; do you not understand?  I AM YOUR MAN!

In your haste you did not see me holding the reins.  Like a horse without a bridle your head now runs free.  Free you desired to be, free from me.  Now I say in my sorrow, let them have their way.  Away from me you can wander in the darkest night of sin.

Sin does always call your further yet into the night.

You will know once again the terror of a divided land.  Many yet in this land love me and will not walk with you hand in hand.  Once again they will have to stand, STAND TALL, for freedoms call. Blood will once again wash this land.

Where you are going I can not go, neither can my men.  (in this land)!  If you walk, as you walk this way without me, they will continue to salk with me.

Separation and distinction will mark your land.  Many mighty men of valor have already died to save this precious land.  Do not think the men who follow will let you win.  Civil disobedience will once again mark this land.  Blood will once again flow among your kin.

Do you not remember your own past?  When men arose in the great Civil War to purge this land?  Do you think the silent majority of mighty men will sit and watch and not stand?  Many thousands in the land will arise to your challenge.  Once again the war begins!  Not in words of restraint; once again good and evil will meet.

Think long before you take away the freedom of which they fought to keep [this land free].  Blood will flow in your streets unlike never before.

I myself like a mighty farmer will arise to plow my land.  I will turn your wickedness over and plow you under this land. 

This is what I see coming when good and evil meet.  Where else do men go to be free?   Once again I rise to meet the challenge.


Choose today just where you stand and be fully assured, evil will not prevail.  I WILL STEP IN.

Like a plow at the end of harvest, I will plow your evil under. YOU WILL NOT PREVAIL.

He that hath ears let him hear.


Now this word, like I said, is taking on MORE UNDERSTANDING in the Light of what is happening in America as the President does win his goal to rewrite the health care laws.  I hear men talking every where to get ready to move against the USA and its law makers.  Even hearing them speak about Seceding from the Union today, as Obama’s Health Care Remake has passed the high courts ruling.  Many are rising up in protest.  Violence could break out and Civil Disobedience could happen.

People are fed up with the Government ruling against the voice of the Land.

Prophet Ken Dewey,
June 29, 2012.


Prophet Ken Dewey photo

Evangelist/Prophet/Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder of “OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES” in Belen, New Mexico, USA.  He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words, Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.

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