In 5780 We Are Going From the Towers That Fell to the Tabernacle of David! — 2 Comments

  1. The number 911… A Revelation the Lord gave me about this number. There are 929 chapters in the Old Testament. Now What is the 911th Chapter of the Old Testament. Its Haggai chapter 2. The Book of Haggai is Israel’s Spiritual state. And it’s to do with God the Father. Chapter 1 is all about 1 of2/ birthright/ alive and chapter 2 is all about 2 of 2/ Blessings or inheritance/ remain.
    So that’s where Israel is Now and also the church ⛪️ as well… it’s all about our blessings/ inheritance as we all fulfill what God has called each of us to do on this earth until He comes again to take us home. So just confirming what your saying sister.
    Read 911th chapter of the Old Testament which is Haggai chapter 2 and that will shew us where we are at spiritually speaking.
    Also it has 23 verses in it and the number 23 is always about “God became flesh/ family “…S ee Genesis to Isaiah (Old Testament). And Matthew to 1 John (New Testament). Amen.

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